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Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird and random facts, habits or goals about yourself.

At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, list their names & why you tagged them.

Don't forget to leave them a comment saying that, "You're it!" & to read your blog.

You cannot tag the person that tagged you so let them know when you are done so they can go read your blog answers.

1.) I have a dark side.
No, it has nothing to do with my skin color. I'm a good person, but oftentimes, I overthink things. As much as we all hate drama, we know it's always aroud us. Oftentimes I think of what people say behind my back, and I sometimes use that to build a shield around myself. That leads me to sometimes being harsh to people. The bottom line is... you play with someone as fiery as I am, and I guarantee you will suffer burns both mental and physical. Yes, I hold grudges, and unfortunately--I tend to think the world revolves around me, that's something I want to change about myself.

2.) I've never gotten with a full-blooded Pinay.
Yep, even though I'm Filipino, it's true. I've dated two girls... one was half Filipina, half white; the other was half Filipina, half Vietnamese. I'll just say I have a soft spot for the lighter colored, or pale, girls.

3.) Since we're on that subject, technically, I've never had a "real" girlfriend.
Yeah, I know--I've had two, and both those girls were gorgeous. But come on, does being an 8th grader dating high school freshmen mean anything? Those don't count. So yeah, technically--I've never had a real one. Oh yeah, for kicks--I don't count flings. Flings can be had anytime.

4.) I'm a different kind of overachiever.
High school and college students usually classify overachievers as people who do nothing but work and schoolwork. While I do do those things, I'm different. I like to be extremely busy. Take my current pot for instance. Right now, I'm a Journalism student at San Jose State taking 18 units. (That's maximum for those who don't ask for the Excess Units form). It's like academic suicide, but uhhh... No. In addition to those 18 units, I'm also one of Akbayan's Community Affairs chairs. It's actually one of the hardest positions on cabinet because it forces you to get along with people, network well, have a knack for organization, team building, build and maintain awareness around the community, to the ability to get people to get involved... it's a lot of stuff. Hmm... what else. Ah, yes. I'm also an Associate Editor at Gamer 2.0, the fastest growing independent gaming site. We're currently having plans of making a HUGE update, and I'm sure people will like it. There's more to what I do, but I'll go into it later. The main thing you should know is that whenever I get into something--my passion knows no limits.

5.) In middle school, I was Student of the Month twice, but the second time... I didn't show up.
Why? I had diherria. Really embarrassing. A lot of people called me after school with the good news and... LOL.

6.) I don't seem to have a distinct fashion style... or at least, I don't think so.
I'm the prime definition of someone who really doesn't go with the times. I mean, you'd walk around everywhere, and you can really see that people are one with their clothes. You have the girls in that "too sexy for its own good" Abercrombie stuff, and you have the guys in their "OMG why are you wearing those" skinny jeans. Seriously, I just wear shit that matches. I don't care about brand. Well, actually... if I were to choose any brand to rock every day, it would be Timberland. It's not a "name-brand" per say, but you know... their stuff is really rugged and durable. That's what I like to think I am... rugged and durable. I will rock Packers gear and Filipino hats though. Hell, I'll even dawn the Blue Leopard... just kidding.

7.) I have a leg fetish.
(A LEG FETISH IS NOT A FOOT FETISH. I REPEAT: A LEG FETISH IS NOT A FOOT FETISH!!!) It's probably something you wouldn't wanna hear, but that's just how I do. I don't know what influenced me to like them so much. I think it was Stacy Keibler from the WWE. Actually, yeah. I'm pretty sure it was Stacy Keibler. In fact, it was wrestling that helped me go through puberty. I'm sure it helped a lot of guys. I mean, come on. Trish Stratus anyone? But yeah, DRV is a leg lover. Ladies, if you're wearing shorts or skirts... sorry, but I might be checking you out. It doesn't mean anything though. But hey, when girls look nice, one would only assume that they want to get noticed. It should, uhh.... raise self-esteem.

8.) The Green Bay Packers are my second life.
Sorry, while I do a lot of important things... I am just submersed with Packer Football. I would give anything to see the Lombardi Trophy come back to Green Bay. To those who wonder why I'm a Packer fan, I don't really know. I think it's because I liked Tommy the Green Ranger, and that influenced me to like the Packers... not to mention, Brett Favre ALWAYS kicked Niner ass. There is SOME Bay Area love, though! If I were forced to pick a Bay Area NFL team, or face death--I'd pick the Niners. Sorry, but most Raiders fans come across to me as stupid people. I bet half those idiots can't spell their quarterback's name right.

9.) I only drive on weekends.
Unfortunately, I don't own a car. My dad always takes it to work with him. I don't mind though... I have cool friends... and my EcoPass. Seriously, SJSU students don't realize what they have. While gas is expensive, public transportation is expensive too, and the EcoPass allows that second option to be free... anytime. Those who aren't into it end up being fatter than me. lol

10.) My confidence knows no bounds.
Yep, I have the infamous "Yes I can!!!" attitude. I seriously think I can do anything, as long as I'm in the right frame of mind. Examples include my first and second PCN. I was an emcee, a major character, a lead dancer, and a choir member for both shows. PCN's are known for hectic crap, and I pulled it off. Also, I earned one of 3 IBM Internships that Independence gives worthy students. When it comes down to something I know I can do... I always think I can come out on top. Sometimes it's a bad thing... oftentimes, it just works. That's me. "That's how I do." Heh, that was actually my catchphrase junior year.

Thinking of ten things is hard. And then sometimes, limiting yourself to ten things is hard. This was really fun though.

I Tag:
Antonette Bajet -- Because she was the only one who did this one deep survey with me two years ago.

Jeff Agustin -- Because he's the oldest person who does these kinds of things I know.

Arlyn Pascua -- Because she's probably not doing anything because her parents won't let her.

Chris Roque -- Because he's the most random person I know.

A-Jay Nicolas -- Because he's taught me a lot, and I would like to know more about him... other than he's a passionate person who can kick by ass at Elite Beat Agents.

Christine Abriam -- Because she blogs more than anybody I know and uses the wonderful DISCLAIMER.

Kevin Irabagon -- He probably won't do this because he doesn't like long things. "That's what she said." But he has a lot of random stuff going on, too.

Angelica Cortez -- She's away on vacation to Hawaii, but this would be a cool way to get to know my wonderful Co.

Jennifer Pimentel -- Because she completes me. LOL.

Chau Ngo -- Because I'm right a lot, and she's wrong a lot... but she somehow ended up being a valedictorian. Just kidding, you know I love you, Chau.

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