First Day of School. Pt. 1


Written on 7:51 PM by DRV

This is the first part to a two-part blog. Why? Because in college, unless you do it on purpose, you never have all your classes in one day, especially as a sophomore. To say the least, my day was pretty interesting.

I got up at 5:55 AM and took a shower. After I got out, I dozed off in my underwear just staring at the clock. To add insult to injury, I never actually packed my school supplies. But hey, I was just recovering from a 54-hour work week in which I worked seven straight days. You gotta cut me some slack. When I came to my senses, I realized I had a leftover burrito in the fridge, so I took that out and heated up and went over to the bus stop. Upon arriving there, I was relieved to see that there were people waiting. Unless I'm on the way home, I don't like being alone on a bus stop, because that usually constitutes a long wait.

So I went to my locker near the Spartan Bookstore and put on my Bookstore T-Shirt which we were forced to wear. Then I did the usual internet processing stuff. For some reason, a lot of the managers were monitoring me... I don't know why, but it made me feel uncomfortable--not to mention I had a separate Gmail window open, but hey--what's wrong with keeping your e-mail open? All professionals in the office do that. Hopefully this doesn't constitute browsing the internet and leads me to a writeup. That would be bull. But to be honest, I don't really care. I mean, I'm a temp. They're gonna get rid of me in mid-September anyway, so in other words, I'll be on the market.

I clocked out at 9:30 and went to table with Akbayan. The trifold was pretty darn nice, and our spinwheel was working, and it seemed to be effective in bringing people to our table. I think I did a fair job, recruiting around seven people within that hour. It's also good to be around a lot of Akbayan again. They've really made college a much better experience for me. We haven't gotten anywhere near the hard stuff that's coming up, but man, I'm glad to be back with them. But still, I'm dreading November. My passdown was fairly weak.

Anyway, after despositing a check my mom wrote me for textbooks, the first class of the day was TA 5 -- Acting. As soon as I walked in, it smell liked body odor, but I guess I gotta live with that. I found that I'm also taking the course with Justin Arce and Matt Baltar, so I'm pretty sure I'll be having some fun here. The instructor doesn't look too difficult. It's just that I won't be able to show late to this class... which is unfortunate, due to my recent hiring at H&M.

My next class of the day was ENGL 71 -- Creative Writing. Professor James is crazy. He looks like the next Mr. Warren for me. I totally see myself having loads of fun in this class. The only problem is that we're learning multiple forms of poetry. I hate poetry. But yeah, I don't know anybody in this class, unfortunately.

On Mondays, like today, I have a big gap that lasts until 4:30. I originally intended to go back to work, but heh... an hour of work is only $8. Forget that. So I hung around the table, and I actually had my lunch. Quesadilla. Yum. After that, I looked for the book I needed for ENGL 71 with no success and headed to my BIOL 21 -- Human Biology class.

To be frank, I hate math and science. I hate everything that has to do with math and science, and to make matters worse, this class is 2 hours long. The professor, Poffenroth, really isn't that bad though, and she makes fun of the content sometimes, which is always a good thing. But either way, by far, this looks like my most stressful class.

I headed to Beat the Bookstore hoping to buy a Clicker, but it was closed. Why the hell did they close so early? It's the first day of school! Whatever.

Anyway, that was my day. I was supposed to be doing a Fantasy Draft today, but Cabebe didn't get enough heads involved. But yeah, that's all.

I'll have another tomorrow.

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  1. JCB |

    As the Owner of Beat The Bookstore San Jose I am sorry we missed you. I try to keep costs down so I can keep my books cheaper, so I close when the cost to be open is greater than the sales, so we are only open till 6 PM this first week.

    Hope that makes sense. When you buy the clicker ask for JC, I would love to meet you.

  2. DRV |

    It makes sense... I guess. Sorta.

    I appreciate the fact that you came and tried to explain it to me. Unfortunately, I bought my clicker the day after this blog was published.

    I'm going to come in again and buy a Science book for the same class. Maybe I can ask for you then.


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