The Brett Favre Fiasco.


Written on 5:32 PM by DRV

Everyone seems to want my opinion on this matter. Yes, I'm a Brett Favre fan... but I'm not one of those bandwagon hoppers. I'm a Packers fan before anything else, so yes, I agree with the way the Packers are going about with this.

I was pretty emotional when Brett retired on March 4th. I didn't pay attention in any of my classes, and instead, I watched Favre Tribute videos the entire week. I understand a lot of big name players, such as Michael Jordan and the late great Reggie White have gone in and out of retirement, but I truly thought Brett was going to leave--even after ending his career with an interception.

I haven't heard anything from the horse's mouth regarding him telling Coach McCarthy that he wanted back in at the end of March. If that were the case, I'd be insanely happy. Instead, we hear reports that he went back on that decision and decided to stay retired. If Brett was going to come back, that would've been a good time.

Amidst reports that the Packers offered a contract to Daunte Culpepper, who ultimately refused to sign with us, the draft came. The Packers drafted Brian Brohm, who many including myself believed was the best QB available in the NFL Draft and Matt Flynn--a very underrated prospect from the draft class. With two rookies and Aaron Rodgers, it's pretty clear that Brett Favre is in the past.

Now Brett develops an itch to play again, and he starts conditioning with high school kids. Now he's in shape again, and he's ready to play football. He wants to play for the Packers, but guess what? It's too late, Brett.

"But Brett gives the Packers the best chance to win NOW." That's true. I'm not denying that.
The guy almost earned his 4th MVP award last year, and he very well could have if Tom Brady didn't throw 50 TD's--23 of which went to Randy Moss, who considered going to Green Bay. If Favre had Moss, he very well could've thrown 53 touchdowns. But it's not about that. What matters is the Packers have to move on. Rodgers has a great core around him, and with only two years left on his contract, it would be a bad investment by Ted Thompson to not go with his first pick as General Manager.

Brett acknowledged that he made the mistake of retiring too early. ALL OF US KNEW IT WAS A MISTAKE. But what's done is done. The man retired. He said he left his team on good terms, and now he's blaming Ted Thompson and the Packers Organization for pressuring him to retire. Sorry, but a Hall of Fame QB like Brett Favre shouldn't feel that kind of pressure. It was a few years ago where Brett told the Packers he'd come back, and it was only a week before the draft. Favre should've just taken more time to make a decision... not retire and then come back out of nowhere. This means the NFL Network and ESPN wasted good time and money airing all these Favre tributes.

I'll end it by saying I'm a Packers fan. If Brett comes back and rides the bench, so be it. If Brett comes back as the starter, fine. If that pisses Aaron Rodgers off to the point where he won't want a new contract with us--then that shows that the guy has no patience and shouldn't be in the league anyway. There's always Brian Brohm. I don't care if my quarterback is Favre, A-Rod, or Brohm. The Packers are a good team, and it won't matter who they have at Quarterback. They WILL succeed.

I mean, if you can put the Minnesota Vikings on a pedestal while all they have at quarterback is Tarvaris Jackson and John David Booty, I like Green Bay's chances.

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