My first day of school. (Pt. II)


Written on 8:44 PM by DRV

This is the second and final part of the "My first day of school" for this semester. This edition will talk about my Tuesday/Thursday classes.

Aside from the usual routine of getting up early and going to work at the Spartan Bookstore, I'll go straight into the school day. Tabling was pretty fun, and I'm glad to say I'm really starting to enjoy it. Tabling just doesn't have the same boring vibe it did when I was an intern for the organization. Seeing the interested looks on people's faces when you talk about the organization is really a pleasurable sight.

Now for class. I start the day at 12PM with AAS 33A. Arlyn, Brian, Mariel, and Troy are all in my class. Throughout the whole time, I just whisper wisecracks. But it's all good. I know I'm gonna pass. Call me cocky, but I don't expect any challenge here at all. Habal is a good teacher, and Choi shouldn't be an excruciating challenge.

My next class is a little bit more on the boring side, it's COMM 41 - Critical Thinking. It involves a lot of debate-style vocabulary in conjecture with thinking on the spot. I don't expect to fail this either.

I end the day with AAS 125 -- Filipino Experience. The funny thing about this class is that half of the people in it are members of Akbayan. That pretty much makes it so nobody can possibly fail. If one person fails, we pretty much failed at "Embracing in Friendship."

All that being said, if I can juggle everything I want to juggle properly... these are the grades I'm expecting:

TA 5 - B
ENGL 71 - A
BIOL 21 - C
AAS 33A - A
COMM 41 - A
AAS 125 - B+

I'm realistic, foo.

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  1. DRV |

    AAS 33A - A
    AAS 125 - B+
    COMM 41 - C
    BIOL 21 - C+
    ENGL 71 - A
    TA - 5 - A

    I wasn't too far off from my expectations.


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