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It's pretty much been a year since I've had this blog. It was an attempt to get back into it, but I feel as if I didn't really amount to any of the expectations I had for it. I had some heated topics addressed about myself, but I was never truly active all year. It's not because I was busy, but it's just because I feel like the things I had to say really weren't worth typing.

But yeah, here's the list of things I have planned over the summer.

[] 1. Get a job.
I've been trying to get a job. It just hasn't been going well. I've applied at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Bed Bath & Beyond, Steve & Barry's, Aeropostale, Target, Kohl's, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Radio Shack, Pac Sun, Levi's, and even Victoria's Secret. The only interview I got was with Levi's, and that occurred last week. I was told I'd get a call for a 2nd interview, but that hasn't happened yet. Job-hunting is the most frustrating thing ever.

[x] 2. Go to Antonette's Debut.
Antonette's debut was loads of fun. I got her a singing greeting card, and a little bag from Victoria's secret that had body spray, body wash, lotion, and other cosmetic stuff. Girly. But yeah, it was hella fun. Loads of unexpected things happened though. I was casted last minute for Singkil and Tinikling, but luckily I was taken out of Tinikling heh. I hope that now that it's all over, she'll grow to continue to love life more and stop worrying about things. I miss our old friendship though. People may claim that we're still close, but it's pretty obvious that we're not the way we used to be. I wasn't even a rose. Go figure. But I'm not going to let that hinder the tight bonds we already have.

[] 3. Have a summer kick-it at the beach with the Mabuhay OG's.
We were going to go to the beach in July, but this was cancelled. Hopefully something happens soon. It would be a shame to have something when Chris isn't around.

[x] 4. Watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
I thought it was an exciting movie, and it didn't disappoint me one bit. I gotta admit though, the rest of the plots in the entire series are kind of blurry to me though.

[x] 5. Watch You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
Another great Sandler film. It was one of his more unique films, but the jokes were kind of recycled over and over, and I didn't laugh as much as your usual Sandler movie. This one probably had the best emotional pacing out of every other film though.

[x] 6. Watch Get Smart.
I overhyped this one, and I ended up only satisfied. It's my fault really. I watched all of the TV spots that the cast had on shows like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. But hey, Steve Carell is fantastic. Anne Hathaway is my wifey. And The Rock is rock hard.

[] 7. Watch The Dark Knight.
My most-awaited film of the summer. I just cannot wait.

[] 8. Go to Kababayan Fest 2008.
It's selfish, but I want to perform at this event. If I can't, I really don't want to go. I'm not willing to pay $40 to see a bunch of talent I've already seen before at a much cheaper price. Sure, Mabuhay is there, but they're not as in-sync as the GIII members were. They have a long way to go if they want to impress the crowds. The only reason I want to go to this event now is because of Parangal Dance Company.

[x] 9. Get on Cabinet.
I ran for the position of Media and Publications for Akbayan in the end of the Spring Semester, and I fell short by two votes. While I admit that I got upset, it didn't really eat me up like the way the Mabuhay thing went a couple years ago. I was recommended by most of Cab to run for another position, so I ran for Community Affairs. I got it. I'm Angelica's partner, and I will not let her or anybody else down. Everything we do will kickass. I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but me obtaining this position practically ensures that I truly am "Solly's Successor." From Mabuhay's VP / Ext. Affairs Coordinator to an Intern to this... it has to be true. Watch, next year, I probably won't be on Cab. Probably not! Heh.

We're halfway done with the year. What do you think is the best thing that happened so far in 2008?
I think it's a question worth answering, and I believe that the best thing that happened so far is the... Drumroll please! The best thing that happened so far is $5 Dollar Footlong value deal at Subway. I swear, with this, nobody with $5 in their pocket everyday can ever go hungry again!

And uh... I wish the NFL season would just get here.

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