Aaron Rodgers is as tough as they come


Written on 2:20 PM by DRV

With the exception of the Vikings and Saints games, Brett Favre would not have had an impact on any results of any of the games we've played this season.

The game verses Carolina just goes with that notion. He started out 0 for 4 passing, and I was all over him for targeting nobody but Greg Jennings with every pass he threw.

But as the game wore on, Rodgers kept hitting different receivers for intermediate gains. Ruvell Martin, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Donald Lee, and even Jermichael Finley made key receptions to prolong drives. The only way they would get involved would be if Rodgers bought time in the pocket, and his athleticism allowed him to do that.

Going into the season, Packers fans' biggest fear would be Rodgers falling to injury, and he did get injured early in the season, but he hasn't missed a game and now he is back in full form. He ran for like a 13-yard gain before receiving a shell-shocking hit by Julius Peppers--probably the most talented and sizable defensive end in the league at 6'7" and 292 lbs.

He hasn't had the experience of making miraculous 4th quarter comebacks yet, but honestly--if you have to make 4th quarter comebacks every week, then your team really isn't that good.

Aaron Rodgers has had a spectacular season, yet professionals and fans themselves are calling the quarterback "inconsistent." With a 22 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, Rodgers is inconsistent? Hopefully by inconsistent, people are talking about his interceptions. 11 is not a lot, by any means. Rodgers doesn't even have a supporting running game, and he still finds ways to get hot against opposing defenses.

Just wait till he becomes a seasoned veteran. He's a special player. He definitely has the potential to be a "super" player. He just needs to be trusted.

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