Semester 4 -- This is my first REAL one.


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Classes include...

(3) JOUR 61 -- Print for Online, Magazines
(3) ADV 91 -- Introduction to Advertising
(3) GEOL 3 -- Planet Earth
(3) MCOM 63 -- New Media
(1) MCOM 64Y - Sec. 6 -- Web Design / Photoshop
(1) MCOM 64Y - Sec. 7 -- Adobe Flash Workshop
(1) MCOM 64Y - Sec. 8 -- Digital Audio/Video Workshop
(3) MCOM 70 -- Visual Communications
(1) KIN 34A -- Beginning Social Dance

That's uhh... 19 units. 1 more than my usual load. I blame PE, really.

Originally, I only wanted to take 16 units, but those MCOM 64Y units made me think otherwise. The original intention was to have my Mondays and Wednesdays as clear as possible, because I'm trying to get more hours at H&M. This looks like it'll be a really demanding semester, and the only way to help get through it is money. It's the average life of a college student. You go through a pretty tough day, so what do you do? Buy stuff. We're in a recession, but the only way to get out of the recession is to get out and spend.

Aside from those classes, this is also my second semester as Community Affairs Chair with Angelica. We got a lot of events to sort and plan out... among these include:

- Poker Night
- Know Your Rights with Marlo Custodio
- Dancing with the Seniors 2.0
- Community Conference
- SOMA SF Tour
- Bataan Day Memorial

Half are plain and half are awesome. I'm gonna do what I can to make the plain ones totally stick out, so make sure you go to some (or all) of these wonderful events. Remember, everybody is part of the community, and only the ones who know their role are the ones truly pulling their weight.

Oh yes, and Akbayan will be hosting their 21st Annual Pilipino Cultural Night this year, and I am a part of PCN Core. I'll be handling Media with Anne, which is totally cool because Anne totally knows what she's doing.

And I have a solo in the Maria Clara suite. Super special awesome.

But why is this my first "real" semester? Well, aside from the fact that I'm doing a lot of stuff, this is the first time where the classes might actually affect me. I'm not one known for studying. I just pass because I rely on listening to the professor and the fact that my common sense is pretty much kickass. But lately, I've been reading. I don't even do that, so right now, I'm surprised.

I'll be using this semester to decide between Magazine Journalism and Advertising, but lately I've been thinking of moving to the marketing side of business as well.

*sigh* I should've gone undeclared.

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