Black Friday.


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I've been working retail at H&M for about four months now, and I experienced what was my first Black Friday. But before I go on about that, this was my haul.

- DVD -- Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
- DVD -- Superbad
- DVD -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
- DVD -- 300

Walk Hard and Superbad were about $4 each. These films are Judd Apatow gold, so it's pretty dumb to not own them. Also, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is another hilarious movie--for buying that, I got 300 free. I never saw 300 yet. Yeah, I know. I'm a San Jose State Spartan.

But anyway, I got those DVD's at Target and Hollywood Video. No lines, so that was a good thing.

On my way to work, it took me about an hour to find parking. It took forever. I didn't think that would happen in my lifetime, but rest assured--it did. I planned on checking a few stores out, but turned out I could clock-in early, so for the sake of getting some extra money via overtime, why not? You know.

The store was an absolute mess, and the department I spend the most time in (Divided Blue) was literally all gone. It was a really long day filled with running, but I got through it. I had to close Divided Accessories, and I wasn't even close to finish. LOL. Sorry guys.

At least I get to say I survived. That wasn't true for a Wal-Mart in New York, where shoppers trampled somebody. That's a really sad story.

In the meantime, I'm in the process of creating a gameplan of what classes to take for the Spring Semester seeing as how my registration date is this Monday Morning.

Till next time,

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