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Okay, I don't often post about the newest gadgets, but I thought I'd offer my two cents about Apple's latest, and supposedly greatest, mobile machine.

It's stupid.

Sorry, but that's what it is. Steve Jobs claims it's time for something to have in between the smart phone and the laptop (or in his case, the iPhone and the MacBook), but this just seems like a waste of money.

In the most basic sense, Apple's iPad is a touch screen tablet. Yep, it's pretty much an iPod touch XXL. I say iPod touch because the device isn't a phone. Unless you're using a random video phone app, or Skype, you won't be making any calls. The only communication you'll have with the outside world is through chat, social networking, or tweeting. The iPad is a sleek, thin device with a 9-inch LCD that has the ability to browse the web, check e-mail, organize and view pictures and slideshows, and it also works as a media hub for those iTunes freaks out there or those who like to put digital copies of movies into their mobile devices--not to mention it has an iPod built in.

Sure, it might be the coolest way of surfing the web, but that's about it. It's hard to see a real use for such a device in any home. While the device is definitely good to look at, and I'd imagine a joy to use--it doesn't seem like there's room for such a device in any home or bag. Most people who have a smart phone have a computer, and I know all sorts of people who have an iPhone--a lot of them no longer need anything else, especially on the go.

I can see why the item is $500, and it just might be worth it. But do I think it'll be a necessity like the modern smart phone and laptop computer? I seriously doubt it.

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