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Written on 1:38 PM by DRV

A few weeks ago, I won a PS3 auction on eBay for a whopping low price of $220.50. Unfortunately, that seller has yet to send me my PS3, so as a result, I filed a claim against him. If he doesn't respond to that claim by Tuesday, I'll get paid back in full.

Of course, should he respond, and I actually do get the PS3, that means I'll have two... and I can easily re-sell that on eBay. No problem.

So yes, I won another auction a few days ago, but instead of $220.50, it was $310. No big deal though. I mean it's a 60GB model (an out-of-production model that is backwards compatible with PS/2 games), and it came with Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Babel, and a copy of Resistance: Fall of Man. While I have no interest in those two BluRay movies, I also have no interest in that free game.

In the meantime, because of GameCrazy's superb MVP Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal, I was able to nab copies of Street Fighter IV, SoulCalibur IV, Grand Theft Auto IV, and LittleBigPlanet. Yeah, that's a lot of IV's.

I've spent most of my time updating the console's firmware, downloading things such as PlayStation Home and some other things that seem to enhance the experience. The problem is that since I'm on a basic AT&T high-speed connection, I find myself simply here on the net waiting while things download. I really wish I had a faster connection, because most of the time, especially when booting up a game I haven't played before, I have to update to the latest version and download the latest content.

Right now I'm watching my brother use Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV. As for my actual gameplay, I've just been playing mostly Street Fighter IV and LittleBigPlanet. Both very solid games. I also hope to build up my trophy collection soon.

In the meantime, I'll take on all challengers, but since I'm on AT&T, don't hate me if our connection suddenly falls... :-\

I'll update this post with pictures of my happiness soon.

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