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Written on 2:09 AM by DRV

I just talking to a friend from high school, and he told me this...

"The art of spoken word is somewhat played out now."

While this guy has a hip hop ground and is in to a lot of things I really don't care that much for, I have to agree.

You won't like what I have to say, but here it is. Spoken word is overrated. You know what's more overrated? Filipino-American-based spoken word.

Yeah, I get it. It's about the history. Know your history, know yourself. No history, no self. Been there. Heard it. Done it. But even still--with Fil-Am Spoken Word. It's always the same. It's always about the elder struggle. It's always about the argument of the lack of an identity. It's always about shouting about who you are, with some swearing on the side.

Sorry, the gimmick is over. You can go ahead and talk about your life and struggle to get to where you are, but honestly--there are other people who've gone through a lot worse. These people made better uses of their time writing books.

Maybe it's just the fact that I've never really been a fan of it. Granted, I've heard some great flow, especially from one of my friends who I've known a couple of years. But other than that--it's overrated.

If I were forced to listen to Spoken Word, it's better off being a girl reciting it, because the gentle, sweet sound of a woman's voice adds more of a personal and cutting narrative to each story. But that's where it gets you to think.

Why does a lot of the Spoken Word today have to be so negative? Why is it always a bitchfest about traditional-themed parents? I want to hear a Filipino recite spoken word talking about great life is. I want spoken word to be about poetry again.

People can go on and on about the daily struggle that is their life--but that's not poetry.

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  1. Guinotorious |

    hrmm.. i wonder?

  2. Guinotorious |

    hrmm....i wonder?


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