Adobo is overrated.


Written on 2:52 PM by DRV

Today after church and lunch with my family, I had a little time to just go on a YouTube rampage, looking at random videos to satisfy my need for entertainment, and I ran across a music video about adobo.

Overall the video was extremely hilarious, but there were some themes--mainly sexual--that would be pretty offensive. Usually when I go about looking at Filipino-themed vids, I usually have my mom take a look as well.

This is one thing I really wouldn't want to show her, but I'll show it to you guys because you'd probably get a kick out of it.


Now, just to keep consistency with the blog's title. What do you guys think about adobo? While it is probably the most famous dish in Philippine cuisine, I think it's awfully overrated. I mean, everybody knows about it, and now we're seeing music videos produced because of this meat dish with plenty of soy sauce and vinegar.

Maybe my family doesn't make it as well as others, or maybe it's because I have adobo almost every week. But I just don't find adobo worth all the attention. What about caldereta? Igado?

Well, that's all I have to say.

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