A month into the Spring Semester, it is now PCN season.


Written on 12:59 AM by DRV

College has finally become routine for me. People who know me are aware of the fact that I'm not having that much fun, but rest assured--I've found a way to get over it.

I still don't see my real friends as much as I used to, but I've been trying to be as active in Akbayan as I can... as much as humanly possible. So far, I never missed a meeting--yeah, that's a given, and I've been coming out to the Social Nights which have been really fun.

It's PCN season now, and I'm taking more of a reduced role as I'm accustomed to. This year I'll only be taking part in the choir, but I plan on helping out with whatever committees need help. It's just that I'm not comfortable with the whole 10:00 thing, especially with the clash I got into with my parents a while back. Choir is really fun, and I'm really enjoying it even though I can't read music. The cool thing about Choir is that it's really early.

Academically, it's not so bad. It's funny, cuz I'm taking 18 units and I feel like I have more free time than I did when I had 13 last semester. Is it just because I'm used to it now?

Anyway, I'm getting tired of typing correctly and I have a Naruto review due in a few days. I'll get back to this.

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