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Allow me to say hello to whoever the hell decided to give this one a read.

By no means am I new to the art blogging. I've been blogging since 7th grade back when the Xanga craze got started. While it is annoying to conform with the way pop culture is nowadays, I think the Xanga craze is probably the best online fads that ever happened. See, it allowed people to have the desire to write. But now... what are they doing? They've submitted to their hidden narcicist by being extremely active in sites such as MySpace. I'm guilty of having one myself, and yes, I do have a slight rise of self-esteem when I see the bright words "New Comments!" but that's besides the point.

I started a blogger weblog because Xanga is too complicated even for me, and MySpace... well, I got in trouble blogging. I almost ended a relationship between two very good organizations, and that was never my goal. But for those of you wondering--yes, my blogs can be very powerful.

I needed a change. I can't post whatever the hell I feel on MySpace because the stuff I have up there is now stuff that nobody cares about. Who the hell cares that I used to be the Vice President / External Affairs Coordinator of the Mabuhay Cultural Club? Who the hell cares that I'm the only boy who graduated out of the Independence High School Class of 2007 who spent all his years in High School doing Powderpuff Cheerleading? Nobody cares about that stuf.

I'm using this weblog to just state what's in my mind, and do so to the best of my professional ability. If anything I say offends anybody, I apologize. But this is my way to vent, and I do so better here than anywhere else. I'm an open person, but only when I'm comfortable. I'm damn well comfortable here.

Not very many of my future blogs are gonna be all negative though, so don't worry about it.

My next blog will be up in a while. But yeah, I'm just introducing myself... but now that I realize it, I haven't done so yet.

My name is Danreb Reyes Victorio. I just graduated out of Independence High School. I'll be attending San Jose State University this fall. I'm very involved with what I do. Though I'm now a High School Graduate, I still spend most of my time performing with my friends as a dancer for the Mabuhay Cultural Club. I'm also an intern for the Filipino Youth Coalition--a non-profit organization with the prime goal of raising cultural awareness among Pilipinos and keeping the youth out of gangs and similar sorts of danger. Along with that, I'm a Junior Division dancer for the Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company, the top Filipino Folk Dance Troupe in the bay.

That's about it. I hate drama, but sadly, it happens to me.

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